January 31, 2018: Fashionology Summit, awards on export and machinery fair

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First Bangladesh Fashionology Summit in February

Bangladesh Fashionology Summit is set to be held on February 12 in Dhaka. The summit aims to familiarize Bangladeshi manufacturers with and encourage them to use the latest technology currently trending within the clothing industry. The first of its kind on garment technology, the day-long Summit will bring together the next generation of global fashion experts and Bangladeshi apparel manufacturers in a discussion upon the latest trends that have arisen inside a tech-driven fashion industry.

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BGAPMEA awards 12 garment accessories exporters

BGAPMEA has awarded exporting trophies to 12 exporters of garment accessories and packaging sector for the first time. The awards were given to encourage manufacturers to export more. The recipients were nominated based on the export account from January to December 2016. From a total of 40 applications the awards were given in four categories such as Gold, Silver, Bronze and special

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Textile and garment machinery fair to begin in February

Dhaka International Textile and Garment Machinery Exhibition, a four-day fair on textile and garment machinery is set to begin in Dhaka on February 8. About 1,100 exhibitors from 36 countries, including Bangladesh, Austria, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and the USA, will showcase state-of-the-art machinery that are currently being used in the apparel sector.

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