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ILO dissatisfied over trade union registration proposal

An ILO expert committee has expressed its dissatisfaction over the recent labour law amendment proposals by the Bangladesh government, saying that the proposal of minor reduction in the minimum membership requirements would not contribute to the free establishment of workers’ organisations in a large number of enterprises in the country.

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Govt. to relax obligation for trade union registration

Under pressure from the international community and rights groups, the government has finally agreed to ease the requirements for forming trade unions at factories in the next amendment of the labour law. At present, signatures of at least 30 percent of the workers in the factory are needed to form a trade union -- an uphill task for union leaders. Furthermore, many workers do not want to participate in the election process of trade unions out of fear of getting sacked.

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Factories under National Initiative urged to complete remediation by April 2018

The government has asked all factories from the National Initiative (NI) under the Tripartite Plan of Action to complete their remediation process by April 2018. As part of the government’s initiative to ensure RMG factory safety after the Rana Plaza disaster, the Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishments (DIFE) held a meeting  with the factory owners from the NI to evaluate the progress of their remediation in making a safer workplace on Sunday.

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