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BGMEA plans to form platform like Accord, Alliance

Published in the Daily Star on 17, August 2017 Local garment makers have proposed the formation of a factory inspection and remediation agency similar to foreign agencies Accord and Alliance to strengthen workplace safety in the apparel sector. Once registered under relevant laws, the platform, to be called ‘Shonman’ (respect), would be run under the guidance of an ombudsman chosen ...

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Buyers sever ties with 12 more RMG factories

Published in the New Age on 15, August 2017 The western fashion brands and retailers have announced to cut business relations with 12 more readymade garment factories in Bangladesh, taking the total number to 248 as the factories failed to implement workplace safety measures suggested by the two separate platform of buyers. Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh, ...

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Export earnings rise by a quarter in July


Published in the Dhaka Tribune on 10, August 2017 A strong performance from the ready-made garment (RMG) sector boosted Bangladesh’s overall export earnings by 27% in July to $3.21 billion, data from the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) has revealed. The RMG sector, the lifeline of export earnings, rose 17% on the same period a year ago to $2.48 billion. Knitwear products and ...

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Western retailers urge Bangladesh Prime Minister to address labour issues

Published in the Daily Star on 9, August 2017 The Foreign Trade Association, a Brussels-based organisation of global retailers, sent a letter to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urging her to settle the outstanding labour issues in the country. “The European Union, Bangladesh’s largest trading partner, is highly concerned about the respect of fundamental human and labour rights in your country,” ...

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Govt prods apparel firms in shared buildings to fix flaws

Bangladesh's RMG industry

Published in the Financial Express on 7, August 2017 The government has started talks with the authorities of readymade garment (RMG) factories located at shared or rented buildings to expedite the post-inspection remediation work under the national initiative, officials said. As part of the government’s move to complete the remediation in some 1,549 garment factories inspected under the national initiative ...

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Feeder vessels impose extra surcharges, limit voyages

Published in the Financial Express on 7, August 2017 Monira Munni The country’s export-import activities are facing severe blow as feeder vessel operators have imposed additional surcharge as congestion in Chittagong port has mounted. The operators have also limited the number of their voyages to the port, industry people said. A West African shipping company has informed the local counterparts ...

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Apparel exports to US drop


Published in the Daily Star on 7, August 2017 Refayet Ullah Mirdha Garment shipment to the US, the country’s single largest export destination, declined 7.47 percent year-on-year to $5.2 billion in 2016-17 largely because of higher duty, longer lead-time, and lower prices. Apparel exporters also blamed the appreciation of the local currency against the American greenback, less imports by US ...

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Chittagong congestion raises US cotton shippers’ costs

Published on on 4, August 2017 A flare-up of congestion at the port of Chittagong with no end in sight is compounding US cotton exporters’ concerns that there will not be enough capacity to move their containerized commodities to Bangladesh’s textile and apparel factories. In response to congestion that has been mounting for weeks, the port authority has instituted tighter limits on how ...

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26 more Alliance factories complete CAPs

Published in the Dhaka Tribune on 3, August 2017 A platform of North American garment buyers has announced that another 26 Bangladeshi factories which supply products for their signatory brands have completed Corrective Action Plans (CAPs). The Alliance for Bangladesh Workers Safety said in its latest release that a total of 118 factories had completed CAPs by the end of ...

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BGMEA members say no to Accord extension after 2018

Published in the Dhaka Tribune on 1, August 2017 RMG manufacturers do not want that the tenure of Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh be extended after its expiry on June 2018 to monitor safety standards in the sector. Demanding an alternative platform for such monitoring in the ready-made garment sector, they also sought Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s ...

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