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ILO dissatisfied over trade union registration proposal

An ILO expert committee has expressed its dissatisfaction over the recent labour law amendment proposals by the Bangladesh government, saying that the proposal of minor reduction in the minimum membership requirements would not contribute to the free establishment of workers’ organisations in a large number of enterprises in the country.

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12th Feb 2017

Md Manjur Morshed, Senior Advisor, GIZ writes on trade union and RMG sector, “Today, in a few countries, it is not uncommon to have more than 20 trade unions in one factory, employing around 500 workers or even less. In such cases, it is difficult to understand how the majority of the workers are effectively represented or how their demands can be efficiently negotiated with the management.”

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19th Dec 2016

Some news highlights relevant to RMG sector: Clifton’s Unhappy Trade Union: Workers from Clifton Deluxe Fashions Ltd blocked Baizid Bostami Road, Chittagong for an hour in the evening on Sunday, demanding that their factory's trade union election be held. This is a repeat situation as in 2007 and 2015. Savar RMG Workers for Minimum Wage ...

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