Accord Safety Committee Training Program commenced at 844 factories

The Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh recently released updates of its Safety Committee Training Program. According to the progress report 844 factories of the 1,699 factories it monitors are now participating in the programme. Progress as of 1 December has also shown Safety Committee training completed at 169 factories, while 805 ‘All Employee’ meetings have been conducted making for 1,820,771 worker contacts.

The update highlighted factory walk-throughs and all employee meetings as important updates of the program.

Factory walk-throughs are conducted following the first Safety Monitoring training session. The factory Safety Committee conducts the walk-throughs together with the Accord trainer to identify actual or potential safety hazards, that are then reported to the Factory Management. The Factory Management then takes steps for remediation which is follwed up by the Accord engineers to ensure that the hazards have been fixed.

During all employee meetings Accord trainers provide information to all the workers in a factory on how to identify and reduce common safety hazards, how to safely evacuate in case of fire or other emergencies, and how to use the Accord’s Health and Safety Complaints Mechanism.

The Bangladesh Accord set up its Safety Committee Training Program in early 2016. The body believes that functioning Safety Committees are key to ensuring workplace safety in the factories. The Program enables the factories to maintain safety by conducting factory safety checks, responding to health and safety complaints, and getting information to workers on workplace safety.

Click here for full program update

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